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Dear Friends,

After 7 years of spiritually-oriented programming and much community outreach, Waters of Eden was unable to build a community mikvah and thus has voted to dissolve itself following the dispersion of Capital funds and concluding of its other financial obligations; the goal is 6/30/16, current fiscal year end (Click these links for documentation: Document 1, Document 2). It is committed to returning to Building Campaign donors on a pro rata basis all of the remaining funds that were contributed for the purpose of building a community mikvah and is beginning the process of doing so with the help of its attorney, accountant, and the San Diego Jewish Community Foundation.

It has been a true privilege working with you toward the creation of something wonderful for our community. It was a noble, daring and beautiful dream. Although we weren’t successful in building the mikvah, we have forged wonderful and heartfelt friendships, have positively affected many lives and have planted seeds that may yet come to fruition.

With gratitude and best wishes for a healthy, sweet, and peaceful 2016,

Lisa Braun Glazer, Ph.D.